ClickFunnels vs GetResponse: Which One You Will Choose to, Start Your Business?

ClickFunnels vs GetResponse: Which One You Will Choose to, Start Your Business?

So you are also stuck with ClickFunnels alternative? Many marketers and bloggers have already written detailed articles about ClickFunnels vs GetResponse. But, readers are still confused about making a decision for ClickFunnels vs GetResponse. I think this war is never going to an end as both are the best players in their fields. So, what is your pick from ClickFunnels alternative? Both are the widely used email marketing tools in the online business market. 

ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse Review 2021

There is no such tool or criteria that we can use to pick the best marketing tool as each tool is best for specific needs and requirements. If ClickFunnels email marketing tools are making sales for your business then it may not work effectively for some other business. There are a lot of things that we need to discuss on the topic of GetResponse vs. ClickFunnels.

In this article on ClickFunnels alternatives detailed review, we will go through the pros and cons of each email marketing tool and we will analyze which one is perfect for your business needs. Either ClickFunnels email marketing tool is going to make more sales or GetResponse is going to land more new clients?

What can you do with these Platforms?

Many people think that both tools are pretty the same and we can do the same things with ClickFunnels or GetResponse but experts know that both tools have great potentials. Here is a detailed overview of GetResponse vs. ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels is an online site builder that is used by millions of store owners all over the world. This platform provides well-optimized and advanced features that can increase sales, conversions and reach of your online store. You don’t need to code anything as this funnel builder tool is fully customized to provide better drag and drop features for the users. It means that any person can use this tool for his online store.

The basic purpose of ClickFunnels is to provide all the professional tools and features in a single tool that is necessary for any business. The extra features help you to promote and sell your products smoothly.

What is GetResponse?

A few years ago, GetResponse was not a big deal in the email marketing world but now, it has become the need of every business. If you are willing to improve your online sales and revenues, GetResponse is a perfect pick for you. Now, do you understand that what is GetResponse?

GetResponse is also an email marketing tool that lets the users create stunning landing pages and websites and webinars. Although the official statements of these two email marketing tools are different but overall services are not so much different. If you have any queries about what is GetResponse, stay with us till the end.

Feature Comparison of ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse

If you want to make a clear choice for ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse, you must know the basic features offered by both marketing solutions. We have extracted the most useful features of both platforms and you can compare these two platforms. There is no a winner or loser as both have some unique features.

ClickFunnels Features

Integration of email marketing tools
Built-in funnel templates
The option of custom order page creation
Many 3rd party tools can be integrated
Affiliate program by ClickFunnels
Shopping cart
Easy to use drag and drop features
Free trial
The perfect marketing tool package


GetResponse Features

Advance stats and analytics
Built-in autoresponder
Functional Mobile app
Automated email marketing tools
Templates for landing pages
Survey creation
Free trial
Run webinar



ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse: Which can handle the Business effectively?

There is no winner in this comparison of GetResponse vs. ClickFunnels. Both are designed to handle the business of any size. Many multinational businesses are using ClickFunnels for their business and some are using GetResponse on the other hand.

Both platforms are designed to deal with a larger number of users and targeted audiences. No matter how many users are visiting your site on a daily basis, GetResponse and ClickFunnels can deal with it.

ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse: Price Plans

Many people ask that how much is ClickFunnels per month? If you don’t have big budget for marketing tools, you must know that how much is ClickFunnels per month? Both platforms provide different pricing plans but in simple words, GetResponse is a little bit cheaper than the ClickFunnels plans. ClickFunnels plans are also offering several pricing packages but their smallest pricing plan starts from $97 per month. This amount may be negligible for successful companies but for a beginner, paying such amount on a monthly basis can be a little bit hard.

GetResponse plans are offering smaller packages too for beginners. Their pricing plans start from $15 per month and this package includes very basic features but that’s what you get for $15. You will get email marketing tool, basic landing pages, autoresponder and some other tools in this plan.


Although the GetResponse is offering the cheaper package as compared to the ClickFunnels yet they are offering limited features too. ClickFunnels is offering high price but their features are worth investing. Both are great options but if you are low at budget, go with GetResponse.

ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse: Pros and Cons

We cannot compare the pros and cons of these two platforms as one feature may be important for one business but at the same time, that feature may be useless for another business. So, the list of pros and cons can be controversial but you must remember that ClickFunnels doesn’t offer mobile workplace so you can use any app for this one.

But on the other hand, GetResponse is offering its own app where you can perform almost every action related to your email marketing and other tasks.

ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse: Who is the Winner?

We have covered almost everything related to ClickFunnels vs. GetResponse. We hope that you have already made your choice. But if you ask for expert opinion, GetResponse is a great choice if you just want to collect emails from your readers.

If you want all in one marketing tool for your business, ClickFunnels is a better choice.

As both platforms are offering a free trial period, go and try both tools. Analyze the results and choose the one that performs better for your business.

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