Kartra vs Clickfunnels: Best Funnel Software for Lead

Kartra vs Clickfunnels: Best Funnel Software for Lead

Do you want the best software for leads and sales? Well, most of the platforms will suggest you using clickfunnels and Kartra for leads. With so many great reviews and feedback, one might feel confused regarding Kartra vs Clickfunnels.

Let’s start at the very beginning. Clickfunnels is one of the oldest players in the sales funnel market. Businesses and marketers trusted clickfunnels for leads, but the advancement in technology produced many alternatives. The real game started when other companies also introduced their promising marketing tools.

Clickfunnels Alternatives

As the clickfunnels price plans were higher, marketers started looking for clickfunnels alternatives. Many other platforms also joined the race but could not last in front of clickfunnels. But one marketing tool not only stood straight but also started attracting clickfunnels users.

Yes, Kartra did an amazing job of making lead generation easier and more effective for marketers and entrepreneurs.

What is Kartra, and what are the kartra pricing plans? Who is the ultimate winner in Kartra vs Clickfunnels comparison? We are going to discuss everything that will help you to make a better choice for your business.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels – Overview

If you are into some kind of online or offline business; you need months of planning to present your product or services. You cannot just advertise your business with ads that say “buy our products; we are great.”

Lead generation is a skill that requires the tools that can assist you with things that might be challenging or new for you. Let’s see how clickfunnels and Kartra can be helpful for your business.

What is Kartra?

When businesses want to build a unique user experience for the target market, they look forward to the amazing tools offered by Kartra.  You can manage your email marketing, build email lists, do live webinars, create pages, and do complete product launches with Kartra.

Most experienced marketers consider Kartra as a must-have marketing tool for every marketer’s toolkit. Here are some great features of Kartra that are helpful for businesses:

  • Video hosting
  • Karta email management and email list building
  • Landing pages
  • Build forms

What is Clickfunnels?

Businesses need to walk their customers through the buyer’s cycle where they get to market their products and services by analyzing the customer’s pain point. Lead generation is not that simple, and that’s why tools like Clickfunnels simplify the process.

It is the first platform that was introduced with full drag and drop capability for non-technical users. There you find hundreds of converting Clickfunnels funnel templates that can boost business conversions.

Most entrepreneurs and marketers rely on the services of Clickfunnels to sell their online courses and products. Here are some distinctive features of Clickfunnels for business growth:

  • Sales funnel building
  • Designing landing pages for products
  • Manage affiliates
  • Build and promote online courses
  • Host webinars

Kartra vs Clickfunnels – Similarities

Although the overall performance and features of both tools are not very much similar, yet there are some features that are present on both platforms. Here are some Kartra vs Clickfunnels similarities:

Drag and Drop Functions

You don’t need to write even a single line of code in both Clickfunnels and Karta. Landing page building and creating sales funnels; every feature is just a few clicks away from you. With readymade Clickfunnels sales templates and Karta templates, just add the functionality to the page with a drag and drop interface.

Built-in Templates

Building everything from scratch requires a lot of time, management, and expertise. Both Clickfunnels and Karta did an amazing job at the design phase. There are hundreds of pre-built templates that can be modified according to the needs of any business.

Create Membership Sites

Not many other marketing platforms offer the facility and functionality to create complete membership sites with payment integration. In Kartra vs Clickfunnels comparison, both sites are great for creating membership platforms.

Affiliate Management

If you want your users to get paid for every successful referral, Clickfunnels and Karta, both are great choices. Even you can generate passive income by marketing Clickfunnels and Karta affiliate programs too.

Email Marketing Automation

Kartra vs Clickfunnels comparison is difficult due to this one feature too. If any of these had missed email marketing automation, the race would have ended a lot earlier. Both tools offer amazing email management tools that are very effective in generating leads.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels – Pricing Plans

Everyone wants to get the most features at the lowest price. While choosing Clickfunnels pricing plans and Karta pricing plans, your marketing budget matters a lot. You probably know that Clickfunnels is an expensive option as compared to builderall, so let’s see how Karta pricing plans work.

Kartra Pricing Plans

There are four different Clickfunnels pricing plans that offer almost the same features, but the difference is the size of the audience that you can target. Here is the brief about Karta pricing plans:

  1. Kartra Starter for $99/month
  2. Kartra Silver for $199/month
  3. Kartra Gold for $299/month
  4. Kartra Platinum for $499/month

Clickfunnels Pricing Plans

There are only two Clickfunnels pricing plans. Although Clickfunnels is more expensive than many alternatives, yet Karta is also not a cheap option. Clickfunnels platinum is a fully loaded package of Clickfunnels for businesses and marketing agencies. You can subscribe to Clickfunnels platinum for $297 per month.

If you want a bit cheaper option with limited audience targeting, you can get with Clickfunnels a basic plan that costs $97 per month. If you want better results, investing some extra dollars on Clickfunnels Platinum is a way better choice than the basic package.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels- Which is best for Leads

Karta and Clickfunnels, both are good at their job. They do what the companies claim. If you want to choose one platform, your business requirements decide the final purchase.

Kartra has different options with varying pricing plans that can meet the needs of almost all businesses, while Clickfunnels has only two pricing plans. Still, a single product does not work for all businesses. Both tools have their own strengths and cons.

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